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WHEN:                     FRIDAY, SATURDAY SUNDAY SEPT 27, 28, 29


TIME:                       10am - 5pm

TUITION:                 $450 

MATERIALS FEE      $100 paid to instructor at class

LEVEL:                      Intermediate to Advanced


Learn how to create beautiful folds of clothing starting with watercolor and and finishing it with glass. Using the direct technique, you will create detailed painterly images using different materials.

The class will start with a short demo explaining why you can invent your own still life model of drapery and undulations with scarfs and fabrics.

Design with a pencil will follow.  With canvases ready, we will start learning about water color.  Even if you have never painted, this exercise will be very helpful for any future project.  Some practices on watercolor papers will be done previous to final painting.

We will talk a little about Andamanto and will start mosaicing with different kinds of glass using the double wheeled nippers.  Colors will be studied on each of the designs, and as each pice will be unique, every student will try to draw his or her own Andamento to help make adding the right colors in the right place easier. 

Your substrate will be a canvas size, 8" x 10".  Thinset and Weldbond will be used as adhesives using the direct technique.

Carole will do a demonstration of cutting tesserae with nippers on different materials and assist you with all the final touches to your mosaic.

Carole will be bringing a lot of smalti, kismets and more other materials, but you might like to bring your own objects, like as shells, or other embellishments from your stash!!

​ Inspired by the beauty of modern art, Carole Choucair Oueijan, born in 1966 in Beirut, Lebanon, faithfully reflected her Lebanese-Greek heritage in her art. Her journey into the world of impressionism began as ingenuous sketches at a very tender age and was further sculpted through academic education and training at YWCA College-Beirut, Lebanon, where she studied Interior Design for a period of three years, after which she graduated with high distinction. After her graduation, however, Carole discovered her real passion for painting, so she attended the Institut Nationale des Beaux Arts-The Lebanese University, and completed her Bachelor of Art Degree.  
     Her oil paintings speak loudly of the rural and suburban symbols of her home land and are a collection of portraits, settings, architectural contours,   and nautical panoramas, all unique in their harmony of color and degree of serenity and sublimity, all the reason why she was invited to exhibit her work in several art exhibitions and galleries in Lebanon, where she received positive reviews and commendation from art critics and from admirers of her art. 
     Carole’s portrayal of the Mediterranean life carried her to Greece in 1989, where her family roots extend. There, she grew fond of the almost extinct art of Mosaics. In Greece Carole learned the essential skills of classical mosaic art at the hands of Greek clergymen devoted to preserve the art of creating religious icons. However, Carole took this exceptional art into a different terrain when she moved to California in 1990. There, Carole was awarded a prize from the National Institute of Watercolor in 1992. By tallying her artistic creativity and her impressionistic oil painting techniques, she began crafting exceptional mosaics art pieces with three dimensional effects, using stones such as marble-smalti combination, which brought her mosaic art pieces closer to the modern age and added a layer of innovation and captivating charm to her art pieces. 


Phone: (626) 290-0315

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Workshops require lots of advanced planning, details and commitment from the host and artist.  If you cancel a workshop 30 days prior to event you  will be refunded your cost minus a $100 processing fee.  Under 30 days, there will be no refund.